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Learn Language, Change the World!

Learn Language 30-50% Faster!

Why learn language with Brilliance?

Why learn language with Brilliance?

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I can learn a language with apps and software programs!


Becoming conversational in a language requires interaction with a real native speaker


Immersion is the key!


Yes & No... Useful immersion requires hours and hours of 'comprehensible input.'  If your immersion experience isn't close to your language level it has almost no impact 


Learning Mandarin is TOO HARD for a Westerner


With consistent practice and a relationship with a native speaker trained to maximize your learning experience,  ANYONE AT ANY AGE can become a Mandarin Speaker!

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Our Class Options

Learn Chinese at a faster rate with a personal touch! Take one-on-one or small group online Chinese classes with our Chinese teachers from anywhere in the world.

Learn Chinese quickly in our unique one-on-one and small group onsite classes. Classes are far from your ordinary classroom environment with a focus on intuitive and interactive learning and  held onsite in ChengDu, China

Achieve Fluency in 18 months! Students will have 12-15 hours a week of 1 on 1 Chinese tutoring, 3 hours a week of group Hanzi (character) classes, individual learning style assessments, immersion (home stays), and much more!

Immerse yourself in language and culture by doing a short term or multiple week homestay! Homestays are hosted by ChengDu experts who will challenge you to grow in culture and language quickly. It is a blast!




Learn Mandarin 30 to 50% faster with Brilliance!

Traditional language classes and language app gimmicks just don't get the job done!  Native teachers using proven and effective methods do!

Brilliance is a global community of language learners based in Chengdu, China and Texas, USA but with students and teachers from multiple countries around the world.  We understand the challenges of cross-cultural living and communication; we seek to maximize your time learning language and culture through professional, interactive &  individually-tailored classes.   


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